Samsung OLED Technology Leaked: 11 People Charged For Selling Secrets For $14 Million To Chinese Company

Samsung, a leader in OLED display has charged 11 employees for allegedly selling its curved-edge OLED display technology to a Chinese company. Korean giant relies on Chinese Companies for the manufacturing of OLED panels and makes the best OLED displays for the smartphones and was the major supplier of the display panels to Apple for new iPhone XS, XS Max.

Samsung holds 90% of market share in OLED display panels. According to the report, 11 employees have sold this information to some Chinese Companies for $14 Million. As per the reports, they have sold the drawing, schematics of the display panels, including 3D Lamination technology used for curved OLEDs display panels between May and August.

Samsung OLED Technology

Samsung has spent about six years and around $130 million in developing the bendable display. Samsung said that they have arrested 3 employees till now and are working with the authorities to arrest remaining employee involved in the leaking of its tech.


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