How to Get a Free Domain with Freenom

Freenom is a Domain provider that provides free and paid Domains. With Freenom you can get .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf and .gq Domains for free for minimum of 1 Month and maximum of 12 Months.

To register a free Domain go to

  1. Search for the Domain of your choice. I will give a demo with DomainDemo

Freenom Free Domains


2. Now select the Domain Extension of your choice. I will go with .ml.

3. After clicking the Domain Extension click on the Checkout button.

Get Free Domains from Freenom


4. Now select the time period for which you want to register the domain, a minimum is 1 Month and a maximum is 12 Month. If you want to use this Domain for forwarding to some other website then click on Forward this Domain and enter the URL and select Redirect (HTTP 301 forwarding).

Get Free Domains from Freenom


Now you have a Free Domain for 1 Year. You can use this Domain on or create a Website.

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