How to Approve Upwork Account, Upwork Account Approval Trick – 2018

Upwork is a freelancing platform where Users posts jobs and freelancer bid on the job posts. But getting approval on Upwork is a big hassle these days.

Complete the following steps to get Approval on Upwork.

1. Use work Email Id.

When creating an account on Upwork try using your Business Mail ID  (e.g., [email protected]) instead of free Mail ID’s like or

2. Complete your profile to 100%

When creating a Profile on Freelancing sites what Users is they don’t enter correct and all the details on the sites. Before submitting your Profile for review next time add complete details to your profile like upload a Profile picture, Headline, Portfolio, Certificates, Employment history and your Education.

3. Clear tests that are relevant for your skills

Clear tests that are available on Upwork, which are relevant for your skills. If your score in the test is below average than hide that score from your profile, only show scores in which you are above average.

4. Find a client who is ready to hire you

Upwork has a program called “Bring Your Own Freelancer” (BYOF) that allows clients to invite freelancers to the Upwork platform that are not registered on Upwork. You can ask your client to hire you through Upwork in that way you will be accepted by Upwork and you will be able to get an approved account.

Note: For BYOF use Email which you have not used on Upwork.

5. Join an agency

You can join an agency if your profile is not getting approved. An agency is a team of freelancers working on Upwork. If you join an agency your profile will be approved immediately.

If nothing is working for you then try these steps.

Here is the Trick to Approve Upwork Account.

Follow these steps Carefully else you have to wait for another 24 hours for approval.

1. Go to setting and then Contact Info and select Security Question and save.

2. In Contact Info click on edit Location and select Time zone – Islamabad, Karachi.

3. Change Country to Pakistan, City to Karachi and click update.

3. Go to Profile Setting, Click Experience Level and Select Entry Level.

4. Edit Categories and select Mobile Development and Other Software Development.

5. Go to profile and change your description to Mobile Developer and Hourly rate to 20$ per Hour.

6. Edit skill and select these two.

1. iPhone app development.
2. mobile UI design.

7. Delete your Education, Employment history.

Now Resubmit your profile for review and it will show your account is approved.

Your profile can also be approved if you join an Agency on the platform

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