Best Hosting Provider In India In 2019

Web Hosting – Why is it needed?


Are you planning to build a website of your own? Most often people think that everything is sorted once they get the domain name registered. What they don’t understand is that for a site to be live on the Internet, you need a web host. Simply put, you would need a web hosting service in order to let other people on the Internet view your website. There will be no use of getting the domain name registered when you are not seeking the services of a web host.

The web host you choose will provide space on its server to let people on the Internet access your website. It is actually a space that you purchase on a web server in order to store the files of your website. When someone searches for your site by entering your domain name, the individual will be sent to your website. A website will remain inaccessible until it is uploaded on a hosting server.

There is also an option for you to have a server of your own at home for your website. However, the cost of having one of your own is too high as you would need a good computer with a good processor, OS and plenty of RAM. Apart from that, there is a need to have the specific technical know-how to run the server. It would be way cheaper to hire a web hosting company as the maintenance work, and all the backend issues will be taken care of. Web hosts are meant to make your life hitch-free!

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Choosing The Best Web Hosting Service Provider


Currently, there are thousands of web hosting service providers. Some offer free services with lesser options whereas there are others who provide specialised service for a hefty sum. The one you choose depends on the nature of your website how much you are willing to spend for it. Expensive is not right all the time. It would be best if you did a little bit of homework before deciding which web hosting provider is right for you. It is all based on your need. You have to pay for the service you require. Don’t fall for marketing gimmicks and pay extra for services that you don’t need.

Types of hosting


If you are on a lookout for a cheap web hosting in India, you are at the right place as you will find the list of the best hosting providers in India here. However, before that, you need to know about the different types of hosting.

1) Free hosting

Free hosting is often suggested to beginners or sites that have very low traffic. Free web hosting comes with a catch. You are usually provided with a subdomain under a larger one.

Advantages of free hosting –

  • You need not to invest money to get your site hosted, and it is free of cost.

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Disadvantages of free hosting –

  • There is no control over the ad space of your website. It can be sold to others by the host for the purpose of earning money.
  • Your website can be closed any time if your user base starts to grow as free hosts don’t allow sites with high traffic.

2) Shared Hosting

This type of web hosting is suitable for bloggers and websites that have traffic less than 10k a month. As the name suggests, in shared hosting the same server is shared by many sites. To draw an analogy, imagine that you live in a flat, there would naturally be many other people who also live in the same building. It is just that everyone has a separate space and a different door no or block no. This is how shared hosting works. Several websites share the same server.

Advantages of shared hosting –

  • It is quite cheaper than other types of hosting.
  • The host takes care of the technical aspects of maintaining the server, and you need not to get into it.

Disadvantage of shared hosting –

  • Since the space on the server is being shared, there would be limits concerning the space for your website, traffic rate and many more things.

3) Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is meant only for WordPress sites. It is excellent for those who don’t want to get into the technicality of things. The host will provide an easy WordPress dashboard, and there won’t be any burden on you.

This type of hosting is ideal for web pages that get high traffic each day (less than 100k per month).

Advantages of managed hosting –

  • The host manages everything right from handling technical spikes to dealing with technical issues.
  • You have plenty of server space for your website.

Disadvantages of managed hosting –

  • The price you pay for managed hosting is quite high when compared to what you have to pay for shared hosting.

4) Dedicated Hosting

If you are someone who is on a lookout for dedicated hosting, you are already a big name because in this case, you have a host and a server dedicated just to you. Every aspect is taken care of when you choose dedicated hosting. This is best suited for a website that has traffic higher than 100k a day.

Advantages of dedicated hosting –

  • The server space is all yours, and you get the best speed along with the highest bandwidth.

Disadvantages of dedicated hosting –

  • It is super expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone.

So, these were the different types of web hosting and their advantages and disadvantages to help you make the right choice.

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Are you in search of the best and cheap hosting in India? Here are a few web hosts –


1) Bluehost

With running 2 million websites worldwide, this is one of the most favourite hosts of website owners. Both the trust and the name are big. In spite of being a US-based web host, it has a dedicated division for hosting in India. The speed offered by Bluehost is good, but there are other web hosts that provide better speed than this particular one.

The servers of Bluehost are well optimized for WordPress blogs, and this is the main reason why the official WordPress website recommends it. Bluehost is quick and easy to install, you can do it under 5 minutes. It also has a straightforward interface. This web host runs on servers with the latest technology which can handle any additional load. Your website will not go down as this host can handle the traffic of up to 20,000 a day. Bluehost offers different hosting packages based on your needs.

2) A2 Hosting

If you are in search of a web host that provides excellent performance and speed, you can go in for A2 Hosting. The time taken to load the data from the server is just a few nanoseconds. It is best suited for those websites that are likely to have an audience who is in a hurry all the time! There also a solid support team to help you out every time there is an issue.

3) HostGator

HostGator is a reliable web hosting service provider. It offers a reasonable hosting plan with plenty of features. HostGator has a wide and varied client base from several countries of the world. It has unlimited disk space to offer along with unbeatable speed. Getting an uptime of 99.9% is definitely great for your website. This web host offers a reasonable web hosting plan with a money back guarantee.

4) GoDaddy

If you are looking for the best hosting in India, one of the most commonly heard name is GoDaddy. The credit to this fact goes to their marketing. They have come up with some really captivating TV ads and promotions. This is probably why even those who don’t know about the concept of ‘web hosting’ have heard about GoDaddy.

If you are in search of cheap hosting in India, that doesn’t compromise on quality; you can opt for Hosting from GoDaddy. You will be provided with a free domain of your choice with their 1-year web hosting plan at a nominal price of Rs 99 a month.

GoDaddy is a leader when you talk of shared hosting and has a lot of features to offer making it one of the most dependable web hosts. The first and foremost plus of using the services of GoDaddy is that there is an assurance of 99.9% of uptime which is quite good. The speed provided is also high as the data is loaded from the server within a blink of the eye. Another essential feature of GoDaddy is that the security of the website is taken care of. The data is monitored round the clock, and thereby hackers cannot play any mischief with your site.

If your site is relatively new, you can definitely think of going in for the awesome but cheap hosting from GoDaddy at 99 Rs/month. There are also a number of freebies like you will get a free business email for 1-Year and offers like unlimited bandwidth and storage.

So, the above mentioned are the web hosts that provide the best hosting in India. Hope you know which one you need to choose for your website.

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